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The Wonderful Eye

I was born with my right eye blind. So I can only see out of my left eye. And now I can see a little bit out of my right eye. So I am going to tell you guys the story about My Wonderful Eye.
  Mom told me that when I was 2 years old  we went to the doctor and they said I have what's called a lazy eye. So they told my dad to  patch my good eye!  It was like turning the lights out, so I feel asleep alot. So then my dad  didn't do it more than a couple times. 
 Then  when I was 4, my mom took me to the eye doctor again and they took pictures of my  optic nerve and discovered the one on the right was almost nothing. That's when they  knew that I have Optic Nerve Hypoplasia, where the nerve that connects the eye to the brain doesn't develop. I don't know what happened next so my mom is going to fill in some gaps:

When I took Edyn to the eye doctor that day, we knew that she didn't have a lazy eye. What we never could have expected was to find out that her condition was…
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Seriously This Time?: Short Update

So... Lots of exciting things are happening in my life at the moment. I'm really going to try and continue to blog, even if it is about nothing in particular.
I'll try and go in order here:

I am in month two of an 18-month orthodontic treatment. You may have heard of it? It's called braces. UUUUGGGHHH. It's not that bad. I knew that there was gong to be a list of things I couldn't have but I didn't realize how long. That part stinks. Then there's also the pain. Which isn't bad at all. Usually it's after they've tightened/readjusted something.About a month or two ago, we went to our local (if a 2 hour drive is considered local 😂) Cackle Hatchery and bot dozens of chickens. No, that is not an exaggeration. And two ducks. Our little A Gra Mo Chroi farm is growing!I have started a YouTube channel. It is called Return to Edyn. So far, I have all but one video posted but I have a looong queue. And one in editing. :) Go check it out here. There will be…


Two careers that I wrote like to purse in is, a costume designer and an author. I'm am currently writing 7 books. Well, actually I finished one. Anyway, I thought I'd share the Mystery/Thriller I've been working on. (Now, I'll warn you in writing a chapter at a time. So I'll publish the next chapter as I write it. Enjoy!) It's called, Finding my Time.
Deception: She finds herself in an unknown room, in an unknown year not knowing how she didn't know. She knows who she is but doesn't know where she is. She's trying to find her time.Chapter 1. ^/«¦‹ΔΦ
"Just shoot 'im!" he yelled at her. She had a 9 mm hand gun. Pointing at the target, she froze. What am I doing? Her subconscious was screaming at her, Don't. Don't, don't. What am I even trying to do? Her head started hurting, she felt like she just span in circles. There was a sudden dinging in her ears. She fell to the floor with a hard thump. Startled, she jolts up out of he…

My Life (Updated)

In four months, I will be turning 13. I loooooooooooooove Agent Carter and Hayley Atwell (Agent Carter actress.) I love anything to do with Marvel. In fact for Christmas this year is like posters, comic books, Marvel clothing, movies, etc. I would love (!!!!!) to get a Twitter account so I can follow my role model. Jesus is my role model, without a doubt, the one that I'm using about though is Hayley Atwell. I have been a Christian for five years. I go to Valley Harvest Ministries in Sunday's and on Wednesday I go to one of the best churches I've ever been to. The first teacher I had there was named, Mrs. Heather. She's one of the best teachers ever. This summer I've moved up and now I'm in youth group withgreat teachers, Mr. Scott and Mrs. Lori (you can read her blog here) Griffith. They are great! I am still homeschooled. I have been for..
3 school years. I DO NOT always enjoy it but there are many upsides. I want to be an author and a costume designer when I…

I'm back on!

I have re-downloaded the blogger app and already have many things to blog about. This Sunday I will have a new post up! Thanks for tuning in today! I'm excited to be back on!! 😃😃😃😃

I Know I'm Getting Older When....

I have more responsibilities; I get to watch the little’s and be in charge. Mom gets to go and do more things that she wants to do now that I have more responsibility.                           I have more things to do in order to get dressed; Deodorant, keeping my hair up and out of my face.                                                     Getting to do more myself; Get to make lunch and breakfast, stay home (when daddy’s sleeping) while mom is running an errand.
Buy my own stuff; I don’t have to ask mom and dad for everything I want, I can save up and buy it myself. I saved up $82 and bought a tablet ON MY OWN! Right now I’m trying to save $500 to buy a horse.* Getting taller; Things that used to be able to do I can’t do anymore. Get more “grown-up” things; 2 years ago on Christmas I got a make-up kit with MASCARA and EYELINER and a jasmine bath set. And last year I got a got a $30 visa gift card, a piano and an aquamarine stone (my birth-stone) watch and a bracelet set. This last …

A long journey and a small sister

My mom became pregnant with Ella last year. When Ella was growing in mom stomach, there was a bunch of crazy things going on. Mom's blood pressure was high so she went to the doctor's office and she was supposed to be on bed rest. So our uncle: Marc had to come be Mr.Mom. Well, her blood pressure was still high so they put her in the hospital. It was a tough time for all of us. But sometimes after school we would get to visit her.Well one time the doctors said that she that she was going to have the baby... that DIDN'T happen. So at school we have this special lunch for some good kids called terrific kids. Well Cayde got chosen and Mr.Mom come to sit with Cayde, when he was done with him he came over to were I was sitting and told me that mom, mom was actually going to have the baby. I was so excited I wanted to scream. Now she was supposed to have the baby on Feb. 9, 2012 but she was born Dec. 19, 2011. Ella stayed in the NICU for 5 weeks which felt like 5 months. One ti…